MGI Zip Navigator

$1,999.00 CAD

Over $109 of added value with BONUS accessories included FREE with purchase.

  • Drink Holder
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Wheel Covers
  • Multi-purpose Clip
  • GPS/Phone Holder

The Zip Navigator comes standard with a 24v 36 Hole Lithium Battery and Battery Charger with purchase.

Less fatigue with Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy

The Zip Navigator is a game-changing motorized trolley that takes care of all the heavy lifting on the golf course so you can focus on your game. Walk freely around the course while your cart does all the work, using MGI’s renowned full-directional remote control. The Zip Navigator cart is powered by twin 230-watt calibrated motors for supreme power and agility. The Zip Navigator comes standard with a 24v 36 Hole Lithium battery which can comfortably complete 36 holes in one day if fully charged before use.

The Zip Navigator electric caddy has been engineered to glide effortlessly while securely holding all types of bags (not all stand or carry bags are compatible), clubs and other accessories. 

    Easy Remote Control Electric Caddy

    While you have the control in the palm of your hand with the trolley’s easy steering and adjustable speed, this model also features innovative technology, including the automatic downhill speed control mode that effortlessly takes control down any hilly terrain, which stands apart from other automatic pushcarts.

    The most significant technological triumph of the Zip Navigator is what lies within. Traverse across the most challenging terrain and watch as the patented Gyroscope automatically tracks the electric trolley on a straight course.  

    User Manuals

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    Signature Features
    • Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse and speed control
    • Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology keeps the cart on track across any terrain
    • Downhill speed control minimizes your effort and maximizes control
    • Twin 230-watt calibrated motors for supreme power and agility
    • Powered by the largest capacity 24v 36 Hole Lithium battery
    • All terrain tread rear wheels help handle all conditions
    • Swivelling front wheel
    • Fully foldable rear fourth wheel for added stability
    • 3 year warranty
    Performance Features
    • Zip Navigator series is engineered to be lighter, more powerful and versatile than any other option on the market.

    • The current model includes modern engineering, a three-wheel design and is 12 per cent lighter and 25 per cent smaller for easy transportation and storage.

    • We understand that each course has varying surfaces and gradients, so your cart comes included with all-terrain tread and quick-release braking on the rear wheels for easy navigation and parking.


    OPEN DIMENSIONS: 31.5" X 23.2" X 40.9" INCHES


    WEIGHT (NO BATTERY): 28.6lbs

    WEIGHT (WITH BATTERY): 34.96lbs

    Suitable Accessories
    Battery Options