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The Company

MGI is synonymous with motorised golf caddies both in Australia and overseas. Since its inception in 1993, this Australian owned and operated company has a formidable reputation built on experience, innovation and quality of design. Being the world leader in golf caddy technological advancements is no easy task. It’s made possible through an unending commitment to the investment of significant research and development, time and passion. MGI has revolutionised the concept of motorised golf caddies. Through a path of technology and superior design, the motorised golf caddy has become an object of desire and a most wanted addition to the game of golf.


MGI is driven to provide its customers with the best quality and most reliable motorised caddy you can buy. Every caddy is backed by the highest level of customer service giving complete peace of mind. Investing in a motorised caddy is not simply about buying golf equipment. It’s about investing in an Australian company which specialises in motorised caddies and is here for the long term. When you buy an MGI caddy you want your enjoyment to be guaranteed. That’s why MGI provides the unique power of sales and service assistance to more than 25 countries around the world.

The Technology

MGI creates motorised golf caddies that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. It’s achieved that by reinventing its approach to business and always going the extra step. With a combination of creative imagination and ingenuity, MGI sets out to explore the possibilities of golf. It’s great to have technology, but the art is in the ergonomics and comfortable design of a product. MGI’s products are functional, attractive and intelligent. From simple and smart, to hi-tech onboard navigational systems, MGI continues to enhance the game of golf to ensure you get the best score every time.


As you read about the newest range from MGI, you’ll notice creative design and colour that’s differentiated by technology. MGI’s new and innovative range of electric golf caddies is sure to satisfy every type of golfer. 

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