Gearbox Noise

If you are experiencing noise coming from your gearbox or drive, please review these steps:

  1. Are the axles lubricated?  There is a cloth in the MGI pouch please use this to lubricate the axles with petroleum jelly. If this does not fix the problem, proceed to step 2.
  2. Swap the wheels over, does the sound change sides with the wheels? If yes, you may have an issue with that particular wheel and it may require replacement. If the sound does not change sides:
  3. Please send MGI Customer Support ( a video of the wheel rotating and the noise – please keep file below 10Mb.
Please advise Customer Support of the Serial Number. The gearbox may need to be replaced upon review of the video. If required, you are able to change the gearbox over by following the video instructions and attached instructions below.

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